Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Welcome to the Dollhouse may well be the most wallowing film ever made. It wallows well! By collapsing the main character's day-to-week indignities into 87 minutes, it creates a beautiful possibility for the viewer: to notice how she is the source of her own social problems.

Most every reviewer was fooled into believing that her looks--her mere appearance--caused everyone to hate her, quoting a line from one of her childish tormentors as their evidence and conclusion. Those reviewers do not consciously understand human nuance, even in children. Dawn persistently refused to take responsibility for her communications, to notice what causes others to feel and to respond, or to consider the possibility that being social has its own technologies and tools.

Skimming several reviews, I find that Ebert, as often, comes closest to hitting the film's mark.
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