Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Impetuous Chris Locke leaps up Blogdex!

What we are seeing [...] the emergence of ourselves as human beings discovering what it means to be human. If you're not doing that, do it. Spook yourself. If you're already spooked, don't quit now. We've only begun to scratch the surface. (Our Masks Are Giving Us Away?)

Sunday Update: OMG! This morning I looked at Locke's crazed personal weblog, and learned of his holiday plans. He's put the moves on an ...itinerant... alcoholic:

"I love you too, baby. I'll meet you at the baggage claim around 10."

She: "This is nuts, you know?"

"No, it's perfect. It's the fucking Holidays, after all. We would otherwise be separately miserable in these two random cities we happen to be inhabiting for no good reason really. No time for you to be looking for a goddam job, that's for sure. And I have a fireplace here and a big bed. Big enough."

She: "OK, I'm coming to Colorado."

(How We Rolled A Hoover For The Holidays) *laugh*

They connected well by phone in an irreverently fun kinda way. Oh, the modernity!
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