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I just saw the best film of the year!! (Yes, in December.) Adaptation!

Sometimes I forget how a totally rapt two cinematic hours feels at the end. Stepping outside into a grey rainy afternoon, I was awestruck by the incredibly visual beauty -- the shimmering magic -- of everything for at least several minutes.

The story is everything I vaguely hoped, and more. It's more Paul Thomas Anderson than Being John Malkovich.

"What's wonderful about having great passion for one thing is it brings everything else down to manageable size."

"You are what you love. Not what loves you."

"We humans have trouble letting go of the past & therefore have trouble adapting."

Advice on writing a screenplay: "Start with the one detail you feel most compelled to get across, and build around it."

If you're even half as meta as I, you'll find yourself richly engaged on many levels. I mostly leaned far forward in my 5th row center seat, and my mind stayed fully focused on and about the film throughout.

*frogs fall from sky* :)
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