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Scott Adams: brilliant in interview!!

There is a weasel bubble in effect right now, if I can use that phrase.

The analogy to the stock market would be: They say that you know you're in a stock bubble when your cab driver is giving you stock advice. And right now, looking around, OK, it's no big surprise that your politicians are weasels and your CEOs, because those are the people who even try to get those jobs in the first place.

But once you start noticing that your historians are making stuff up and your figure-skating judges are rigging their events, and your priests are dating children and having better sex lives than rock stars, that's what I call a bubble. That's the cab driver giving you stock tips.

I think that we're in this gigantic, unprecedented bubble of weaselness.

But doesn't that imply that it will burst, like the stock market did?

It does. But maybe it's like an inverse bubble or something, because usually a bubble feels good when it's happening. And this is like a big bubble of something really bad. I don't know what happens when it burst. I guess we all become Buddhists or something.

We'll all become sincere.

And then I'm dead. Then that's the end of "Dilbert."

Now, I will ask a humorless, politically correct question. So, do you really think that the glass ceiling is mostly a red herring for the fact that women don't really want to be CEOs?

Well, it's something that you could test for yourself, and you can let me know if I'm wrong.

Go into any room that's got a mix of men and women, and ask them individually, so that other people don't hear their answer: "If you could be CEO, with all that comes with it, with all the hard work and all the effort to get there, would you want that job?"

And I think that what you'll find is that a healthy slice of the men, maybe a quarter of them, maybe more, will say: "Yeah, I'd absolutely want that."

And the women you'll find maybe one in the room.

So I don't think that you can compare two groups where one wants something and one doesn't want it as much. All things being equal, the group that wants it more is probably going to have more success.

I think women can handle emotional pain better than men, and that gives them kind of a super power in personal relationships that they can just make both of you miserable until that man gives up.

But men can handle humiliation better, like we don't feel slighted. We can basically be the bottom dog licking the paws of the top dog for 40 years, if when it's done we get a chance at being the top dog. We’re somehow just built for that.

But a woman can't do that. I think a woman cannot suffer humiliation over long periods of time without thinking: "I think that I'd rather be doing something else."

I look at people as machines. The women are designed to handle pain really well, just kind of general discomfort, like wearing uncomfortable shoes, but also you see a lot of women in jobs helping the sick and people who've got problems -- social work -- because you can handle more pain.

(Oct 21st Salon interview, via flipping way back thru nanowyatt's journal)
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