Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Interview question: "Is there a reason for optimism?"

The reason for optimism lies in the biological fact that it keeps you happy and busy, whereas pessimism just leads to lying around and bitching. I'd rather keep happy and busy than lie around bitching, but I know this will not convince those who really like lying around and bitching. As Nietzsche said that optimism and good health always go together, and so do pessimism and morbidity, in the medical sense of the word. - Robert Anton Wilson, whom I'm obsessing over this hour!

If only he had a userinfo page: My interests include Jungian psychology, Reichian bio-psychology, Leary's neuro-psychology, general semantics, quantum mechanics, synergetic geometry, Crowley's magick, neurolinguistic programming, ethnomethodology, movies in general and especially the films of Orson Welles and Clint Eastwood, Buddhism (Zen, Tibetan and Shinran flavors included), "Finnegans Wake" by James Joyce, the "Cantos" of Ezra Pound, Andy Warhol, Elmyr de Hory, the Three Stooges (especially Moe Howard), the obsessive rituals of serial killers and the similar but contrasting rituals of the State in re: capital punishment, [...]

I've just finished reading "Hannibal" by Thomas Harris [...] Hannibal Lecter seems to me the greatest villain in the history of crime fiction. By comparison, Professor Moriarty looks like cardboard cutout. Moriarty just became a criminal out of greed, and used his mathematical genius to create puzzles nobody could solve -- except Sherlock Holmes, of course. Dr. Lecter has much more interesting (and esoteric) motives, and his genius comes across a hell of a lot more convincingly than Moriarty's. Doyle only tells you that Moriarty "is" a genius, and we're supposed to take that on faith. Dr. Lecter talks like a genius, and acts like one, too.
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