Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Doing a little time down at Border's tonight (entailing learning that a founder of will speak there on the 20th about his recently published how-to-get-rich book!), I checked out some Cliff's Notes (!). Pointed by 'ayndot' to the existence of new Rand editions, I brought home this one. I've skimmed most of it now, and I'm extremely impressed. It is a valuable set of perspectives to inspire reappreciating the novel. The Notes look to study Rand as she would have wanted to be studied. It would be nice if all the other Cliff'ed authors made their own viewpoints as clear as Rand and Bernstein do!

In light of yesterday's BOP entry, I will commentate one very questionable Bernstein quote from the new Notes: "Because she reveres man at his highest and best, she necessarily loathes most members of the human race, who fall below man's potential." (p. 92, talking about the character of Dominique Francon) Necessarily loathes??

. . . CPK, Cliff's Notes, this site: such superficial design similarities!
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