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If you're thinking of seeing it because it might appeal to your...personal taste..., then see it.

On the big screen.

I may see it again.

And again.

Truly beautiful aspects: 1) It gets the characters so incredibly right, strengths & weaknesses. He's obsessive-compulsive, importantly shy, and learned to be strong in order "to make things happen." The film doesn't just say these things; it shows them with breathtaking consistency. 2) It never ends when you fear it will -- until it does! Barely an hour into it, I kept finding myself afraid that it would end. I knew I wanted to see the next step -- maybe a step I'd personally not yet been through...I'll say this much: I got to see far more than I expected and in ways more than I hoped.

I sometimes wondered how many other D/s players were in the theater with me...

To those who have seen it: Anyone found a reviewer who gets it? I haven't yet had the heart to check any of them.
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