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Speaking of provocative weirdos...

I hold that the ultimate purpose of life is for us to experience overwhelming orgasms. Everything else in life is subordinate to this mandate of nature. We do not live to please some god or for the sake of our children, and there is no meaning in a, however identified, common good. The only philosophy that makes sense is that we live to please ourselves, and orgasms are the ultimate pleasure.

I actually believe that sex tourism is a natural social phenomenon. If we assume that striving for sexual satisfaction is a primary motivator in people’s life, then it is understandable if men hunt where they can find easier prey.

This article is not politically correct. I am not interested in political correctness. I am interested only in the truth.

If we take the phenomenon of sex tourism, we will see that the approach taken by each and every social groups is in tune with their biological interests.

Western male sex tourists usually find nothing wrong with their behavior, or at least they claim that what is wrong is none of their business. They frequent cheap local prostitutes, marry attractive local women, and play around in other modes.

Young local women who derive material benefit from the sex tourists also find nothing wrong with it. They need the source of income… for themselves, and for their offspring.

In both cases, the opinion they subscribe to matches their biological interests.

Now to the coalition of those who oppose sex tourism, allegedly out of moral concern.

The women in the countries from where male sex tourists hail are usually strongly against sex tourism. No wonder. Their biological interest is that "their" men stay at home and compete for the females of their own societies… and do not go abroad for easier, younger, and more attractive women. They have reason to be jealous. The women sought by male sex tourists in Third World countries are their immediate competitors.

They may love their men, and hate their female competitors, but this will not be the issue they publicly address. Publicly, they deplore the exploitive character of the relationships of Western sex tourists in Third World countries. When sex tourism issues are discussed anywhere in the world, I know ahead the position occupied by representatives of Western womanhood. No sympathy with sex tourists!

And in order to provide substance to their cause, they will lobby Third World governments to implement specific laws pertaining to the sexual conduct of foreign men.

I know already their coalition partners: the local men in Third World countries. How could they possibly accept happily the presence of Western men who prey on their girls and women? The local men themselves want to prey on their girls and women. Western men are unwelcome competitors; all the more as Western men usually have a substantial economic edge.

It is no surprise that young women in Third World countries dream of husbands from North America or Europe. They may even be able to migrate from the Third World to the Old World (Europe) or the New World (the Americas). A heaven of social and financial security awaits them.

Local men in Third World countries can’t offer such prospects. Therefore, they hate Western sex tourists and want girls who condole with them severely punished. (Mentally, gang rape by angry local men would be the preferred punishment, but in our times, such measures are difficult to implement in many countries, at least in peacetime.)

Somebody missing in the anti coalition? Oh yes, of course: elder local women in Third World countries (at least those who’s daughters aren’t about to marry Western men, thus providing an emigration route for the whole family).

With predictable accuracy, all social strata involved propagate opinions that are in accordance with their biological interests. This cannot be an accident. It’s their being part of, and member in, a specific social group, which determines the opinion they subscribe to; they do not arrive at specific opinions out of moral consideration, or concerns of human rights.

The anti coalition, of course, is much stronger than the coalition of those who benefit from a sex tourism constellation. Therefore, we can see the conditions becoming worse for sex tourists anywhere in the world, at least in peacetime.

But enter war and destruction, terrorism and natural disasters, anything that erodes social order. Then you have a new playing ground for men from rich societies hunting for sexual gratification among the poor women in a newly or once again poor country. For when they are down, the sex tourists are up.


Another of his websites is called

My own being unfaithfulness is not what I mean. What is much more important is the right amount of unfaithfulness on the part of my woman.

Strange? Let me explain.

Our whole sexual function is based on being balanced between two poles, both biologically and psychologically.

Biologically, the poles are the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, and androgen and estrogen hormones.

For erections to occur, the parasympathetic nervous system has to be in the driver's seat. But orgasms are a major sympathetic event.

Psychologically, we all strive to be winners. But desires flower better in an atmosphere of being, or feeling like, a loser. Ironically, the emotional attraction in gambling is in feeling that immanent danger of loss, not of winning.

The sensation of gambling, this nervousness accompanied by an urge to urinate, is felt only when we are threatened to "lose it all". I put the emphasis on feeling the threat of losing, not the losing itself. We happily accept it when we win. After all, it enables us to experience the threat of losing for another round.

Gamblers are thrill-seekers; they are not out to seek financial gain. They gamble for the same reason for which others engage in motorcycle racing on public roads, and again others jump from bungee towers.

The thrill is present only when we risk a loss; if we cheat in gambling, and are virtually assured of winning, we are calm. Sorry, no thrill.

For the same reason, my own unfaithfulness often lacks in exciting me, unless I use pharmacological aids.

On the contrary, the unfaithfulness of my women has a great potential to excite me. It makes me jealous, causes me to feel threatened, triggers feelings of inferiority... hey, am I a loser?

Our women are all wrongly educated, and the government, our educational institutions, the guardians of our, and their, culture are at fault... and of course the priests and all those other religious ideologues who are blind for human life as it is and build castles in the air (no foundation whatsoever in reality).

For a captivating sexual relationship, both partners should have had previous sexual relationships, and these previous relationships should be a topic of communication.

It's the easiest way to introduce a sense of potential defeat, a sense of threat, and a measure of provocation, which can be such a great source of sexual energy.

Because being engulfed in sexual enjoyment is the only escape from the senselessness of human existence, and because sexual enjoyment is only possible on a certain level of sexual tension, and because past and present unfaithfulness of one's permanent sexual partner is such a great source of sexual tension, I basically have a positive attitude towards the unfaithfulness of a woman with whom I have a steady sexual relationship.

For the surest way to preserve a man's desire for a particular woman is not for the man to sleep with other woman every now and then, but to have the woman be engaged with another man. That wakes him up.

For tapping into the great pool of sexual energy one can derive from one's partner's unfaithfulness, it is necessary that this unfaithfulness happens on the basis of trust.

To build trust, unfaithfulness should be extensively discussed before it is implemented. To start with, each one will have to verbally admit sexual fantasies that go beyond one's established partner. Such fantasies should be related in detail. And be sure that they shake and incentivize the listening partner at least as profoundly as they do the one who's original fantasies they are.

In some cases, especially of younger people, just to discuss each other's intended unfaithfulness may already be as much as each can stomach.

But to really experience a new dimension of all-engulfing sexual desire, one will have to do it: see one's permanent partner in excited sexual play with another person, or even join in.

Only now, when positively jealous, will you discover that you love her. You will be greatly focused on her. You will be able to discuss her feelings for hours on end... her feelings for you, and for him.

Occasional open unfaithfulness is such a great, effective measure against "negative feedback" that I regard it as a necessity in building a lasting relationship of genuine love, not the kind of pretended love we find in most marriages, which is nothing but boring routine.

I want to live my life in a perpetual state of an all-engulfing sexual desire, with daily peaks of utmost sexual satisfaction. All else in life is subordinate.

I live in the awareness that for me personally, there was nothing before my birth, and there is nothing after my death. I feel pity with those toiling along in life, either for personal progress, or the future of their children, or the independence of their nations. I couldn't care less.

I am rebelling against nature, with all means to which I have access. One weapon in the arsenal with which I have experience, is the science of pharmacology. There are many more drugs than just Viagra by which we can modulate ourselves in order to get closer to what we aim at, which is perpetual all-engulfing sexual desire and daily peaks of real sexual satisfaction. I have written many articles on the pharmacological modification of our sexual potential; they can be found on domains such as,, and, just to name a few.

But as a higher kind of life, we are designed to react not just on chemical impulses; we are designed to strongly react on sensual input. It comes, therefore, to no surprise that purely sensual, non-pharmacological factors can exert a more profound influence.

The sensual input, for example, that results from the awareness that one's sexual partner is or has been enjoying sexual intercourse with somebody else.

We react profoundly upon hearing about, or seeing, this kind of event: erected body hair in the nape and down the spine, increased heart beat, emotional stress, aggressiveness, and a strong desire to sexually possess the person who has been sexually unfaithful.

All of that without a pill. A great pool of sexual energy, provided we are capable of managing it.

This can be learned. If only there were people or institutions dedicated to teaching it.
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