Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

good online dating piece in mainstream press

In a clever series of experiments McKenna and colleagues showed that individuals meeting for the first time online are more likely to reveal their true selves (who they really think they are) rather than their actual selves (how they think they should be seen). In addition, people tend to like each other more when they first meet over the Internet, as opposed to face-to-face. Finally, by researching actual Web users, the psychologists found that deep relationships do form over the Internet. When those online relationships are integrated into one�s real world social life, they remain stable over time-indeed, often proving more long-lived than relationships formed through face-to-face introductions.

It may well turn out that for best results, one should start slow. It might turn out that what the Internet has really done to improve matchmaking is to take a big step backward -- to the good old days of the epistolary romance. Indeed someday there may even be a new kind of answer when we ask whether a friend is seeing someone new: "No, not yet, we're just texting. But we do have a Webcam date next Saturday."
(The Secrets of Online Romance)
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