Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

David Brin ROCKS

The other day, I quoted science fiction writer David Brin on messages buried in modern myths & stories.

A couple of my bitter readers mistook Brin for a hat, complained that he didn't fit, and accidentally inspired me to hunt down more of his words. Words to clarify & expand his perspective, at least for me.

Wow! I hit a gold mine. Brin sheds luminous wisdom on human progress. Nature, culture, vicious politics, seductive persuasion...

The New Meme (1993 article): explores how science, suspicion of authority, & tolerance fuels our appetite for newness, hunger for diversity, eagerness for change -- how rare & precarious this is

Essences, Orcs and Civilization: The Case for a Cheerful Libertarianism (2002 keynote address): cajoles Libertarians toward big-picture thinking, health, cheer, affability and more! I'm blown away. One of the best speeches I've ever encountered. Amazing.

Brin apparently shares my obsessions over paleopsychology, memetic analysis, and mass seduction!! There are many more essays on his site -- some of which I've yet to skim...

Who's your favorite SF novelist turned pundit?
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