Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

the elegance of natural choice

Since I am eight months pregnant, I've had the opportunity to experience many facets of our health care system. I have chosen to have a home birth supported by a midwife. I decided that it was my responsibility to learn as much as I could about prenatal care, labor and delivery to ensure that my daughter has a trauma-free entry into this world and that I have the birth experience that I desire. But this is not supported by the medical establishment. In fact, it is strongly discouraged. Well, of course, many people might say - home birth is irresponsible and unsafe. The research and facts prove otherwise. Home births are actually statistically safer than hospital births.

So, why are home births unsupported by the medical community? Because there is a pervasive belief that an individual does not have the capacity to be responsible for his or her health. And pregnancy is still treated like a disease by the medical establishment - not like the natural process that it is. When people experience aches or pains, they should go to their doctor who will assess the situation (although rarely have any physical contact with that person) and then prescribe some drugs to eliminate the symptoms. Rarely, if ever, are the underlying causes explored or is the person treated like a whole system. Rather, people are treated like machines that have various parts. When one part "is broken" it is all too easy to treat that one part or to replace it.

I am the only being that resides in this body. It is my responsibility to 1) eat real, whole foods; 2) exercise regularly; 3) meditate daily; 4) play frequently; 5) experience all of my emotions and be aware of resistance and stress in my body; 6) sleep and rest when my body needs it. I know that I will be more relaxed and comfortable at home giving birth to my daughter. I realize that my complication-free pregnancy and excellent health make me a candidate for home birth. I am confident that birthing is a natural process perfected by million years of evolution. The best thing that I can do is have a qualified, experienced birth assistant and a good back-up plan if I fall in the 1% of women who experience complications during birth, and then I need to release, let go, and let my body's natural intelligence take over.

This makes so much sense to me. Why would I plan a different birth on the 1% chance that something will go wrong? And, how often do we fail to do something that we really want to do but are held back by our fears? Life is short. Connect with your heart. Chart your course. And move forward through the fear and guided by love.
(Debra Thorsen)
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