Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

2002 Appreciation: "Them & I: part 1a"

Thank you!:

neurogirl for daring to love without risk & encourage all my authenticity; for opening up in beautiful, magical ways

onesoul for rebirthing yourself & revisiting my soul, this time as close friend & counselor

farsam for always acknowledging and fueling our incredible connection; Neo-Tech obliterates all conflicts and distractions!

allegraslade for illustrating so many literary flavors of hip

amanda42 for remaining the friendliest incredibly busy person in the world

agent_smith for staying on task to keep those humans in check & violate those laws of thermodynamics

augauche for reminding how you'd rather be out wandering the city, so maybe I should do that more

birkin for teaching the real meaning of "chronicles", through posts like, She and I: part 29i ... (continued).

blakwolf for pointing to awesome articles like the genetics of interesting jerks

corsakti for great photography, design and community-creation

crasch for giving away books & sharing ponderings

ernunnos for creating & living out your very own stereotype; at your most unique, you are most familiar

espvivisection for eternal support in intermittent bursts as your own dramas permit (yay you! more dramas!)

faegoddess for proudly posting edgy photos to 103 trusted friends

futuregirl for authenticity with or without the sincerity

greentara for constantly thinking out loud on the nature of growth

shrijani for using a journal as it was meant to be used -- with style & flair

hawver for never saying more than needed to be said -- until recently heh

hober for streaming smileys and one-liners from Indiana, whether or not you're even awake :)

humandays for constantly reaching for fundamental distinctions & producing some of the best writing on the Internet -- even before we scared off jaffo

interimlover for writing your own Hierarchy Of Needs at your userinfo

(likely to be continued)
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