Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,


Tonight, I ran across the best ever quick description of neurolinguistic programming!:

That early NLP modelling produced two NLP models which reflect the way we distort, delete and generalise information. The two models have come to be known as the meta model, and the Milton model. Meta modelling reconnects language with experience. Milton model languaging paces people's experience. Asking meta model questions elicits highly specified answers. Milton model languaging is artfully vague.

I thoroughly recommend that you choose the tone of voice in which you want to read these articles carefully. Choose a tone and pace of voice that is calming. Slow down. Breathe out, s l o w l y. You can resist the urge to relax only as much as you'd like to enjoy the feeling that you're feeling for as long as you'd like to feel that, now.
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