Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Helen Fisher research on gender differences

Selective forces being what they are, nature selected for subtle but real differences in the way men and women think. You know, nature would have been pretty shoddy if she had made the sexes exactly alike; we were built to be members of a team.

In a study of 130 societies by the United Nations, they established that women are better at what they call multitasking, doing many things at once. That is a spin-off from multitasky thinking. And I think that for millions of years women really had to get a million things done at the same time.

Multitasky thinking is good in the home; it's good for rearing babies; it's good for driving the car and making sandwiches and talking to the dog and feeding the goldfish and watching television all at once. But what's important now is that it is useful in the business world when the buzzwords are breadth of vision and depth of vision and systems thinking.

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book: The First Sex

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