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Flirting celebrates the sexiness of being playful, respectful, and loving all at the same time. Naked Flirting is an irrepressibly positive attitude which looks for, and inevitably finds, the blessing or opportunity in every situation, including those which appear to be complete disasters. It is fun and light, focusing upon what is right rather than what is wrong. Flirting, in any context, is playful, offers a peek at what's there and hints at more, always inviting the other person to pursue or please you.

There are basically only two emotions: love and fear. All other emotions derive from one of these two. For example, joy, compassion, openness, and taking full responsibility for everything in your life are love-based emotions, while anger, neediness, judgement, and blame are fear-based. It is not possible to fully experience both love and fear at the same time. When we focus on love, we forget to be afraid; when we focus on fear, love vanishes from our life. In every moment, we express either one or the other. Which do you want your life to express?

Flirting naked is daring to be transparent in a fun and loving way. When you love and accept yourself deeply enough that you believe it's a good thing to share yourself openly and honestly with others, then you show what's on the inside of you also on the outside. By making others feel good about themselves we get all the love we want, because what we put out is what we get back from others.

Naked flirting is what keeps long-term relationships alive and growing. We are not static beings. People grow and change over time, and when couples pay attention to sharing that process and increasing the level of intimacy between them, the relationship grows stronger. By paying attention to what's right about the relationship and not taking each other for granted, couples keep the flame of passion burning strong.

How did you come up with the idea?

I wanted to have more fun flirting in relationships, to get myself out of my comfort zone, and to stay in practice for the time when the love of my life appears. This is the ultimate advertisement. Anyway, I've always liked to go naked, ever since I was little.

So, why is a psychologist doing this, anyway?

Because people don't think about how afraid they are when they're having fun! Not everyone knows how much fun I can be, and now I'm coming out of the closet. I'm basically a wild woman who's been packaged in a traditional box for decades.

How can I show people who I am?

You allow your true self to show by focusing on what you love about other people rather than on what you're afraid about for yourself. Share the observations and appreciative thoughts which you usually keep to yourself.

Never be afraid of others' judgments. Whoever you are, some will be attracted to you and some will not. The judgments we make about ourselves are the ones which help or hurt the most, so choose to believe that showing others who you are is a gift to them and give it with joy.

Another way to show others who you are is to decide what's most essential about you and imagine how you might know those things about someone else.

What makes you a Naked Flirting expert?

I've been naked since the day I was born, and flirting since I first caught my granddaddy's eye.

(Dr. Katie, a therapist & radio personality)


Thanks to grrwoo for the find!

I'm strangely tempted by the NakedFlirting hats...
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