Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Work Naked

quick article on personal productive environs:


Remember how you studied when you were in college, and then extrapolate that to where you should be working now.

One is the dorm-room studier, the person who studied wherever she was living at the time. Then there is the library studier, and the third type is the student who would go to the Student Union or the cafe or sit outside on the lawn or some public setting that had a lot more background noise than a library would.

The dorm-room studier actually intentionally blurs their work and their personal life. So they like the fact they can work for about an hour and then get up and make a personal phone call or do the laundry or wash some dirty dishes.

Another characteristic is that they usually like to have a high degree of control over their environment. So they'll say they want to play the music that they like, they want to open the window when they want to open the window, and change the temperature in the room, they want to set the lighting just the way they want it and they like to be able to work at odd times. So if they get up really early in the morning and want to start working, you know, it's not feasible to go out to a library or some other place at that time.

The non-dorm-room studiers are differentiated from them because they have to actually physically segregate their work and their personal life. So even today, they would be the kind of person who tries really hard to not take work home in the evening. They try to do everything at the office. And then when they leave, that's it. Work is over. Now their family life, their home life, picks up. (from Cynthia Froggart in tompeterscompany!'s Cool Friends Archive)
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