Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

The Wizard of Ads!

Thursday, this week's Visit My Clients Day, I dropped by a book store on my way home. Ran across the most remarkable striking volumes. All by a guy calling himself the "The Wizard of Ads"...

More Americans are killed by pigs each year than by sharks. The same is true in American business.

Don't leave your customers feeling: "I was treated fairly." Give them lagniappe every time and they'll come running back for more of whatever it is you sell.

The risk of insult is the price of clarity.

Confused? The Wizard of Ads is about advertising. What works, what doesn't and why. The Wizard of Ads is also NOT about advertising. It is about the universal truths which are evidenced throughout history.

"Think big, start small," was the guiding principle that prompted him to take a job changing tapes at an automated radio station in the middle of the night for minimum wage.

However you care to describe it, bets are The Wizard of Ads will be controversial. Williams was certain of that when he wrote it. That's because The Wizard loves to hear from knuckleheads who don't approve of what he does. Are you one of those knuckleheads? Or, you could be one the few who run with the big dogs? Are you among that special breed of people who have the ability to make others feel good? Are you a dreamer, like Williams, who has a millionaire inside you just waiting to be let out?
(his awesome snappy articles)

(so far, my favorite snappy little article: Win the lottery and be happy for a year. Do what you love and be happy for life.)
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