Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Today, I sat outside and simply sensed nature in the manner of my ancestors. Except that it lasted only half an hour. With sunglasses ("Sunday Drive"). In town. Seriously wondering how my ancestors survived without sunglasses in the summer on the savannah, I noticed something about our civilization: We design and construct such preternaturally reflective objects! "Bright white" is not a color commonly found in nature. At least 30% of my town is bright white. Moreover, I bet that the shiny new SUV's were smaller in Sumeria . . . I do wonder whether my eyes' natural light tolerance has been lessened by 21 hours/day indoors over my 27 years. If so, I wonder whether that lesser tolerance is actually healthy! For all I know, our sensitive modern eyes are the real explanation behind the still mysterious 40 year increase in lifespan we've enjoyed over the last couple centuries. {If you'd like to see Hanson's realpolitical theories on why we spend so much on public health despite it not doing measurable good, and if you have no troubles with Acrobat format ["PDF: the sound of one hand flipping you off!" - Caro], then dare.}
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