Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,


Truth, beauty, goodness. What is useful? What is worthwhile? What engages? What is even interesting? My phototropism is about more & more focusing awareness on useful & beautiful truths.

Sometimes, I get a song stuck in my head. When I want it to stop, I throw some anger at it. I use my own anger so very rarely in any context that it's become a jarringly powerful force for me. My latest phrase to summon it is, "Boring Repetitive Useless Destructive!" Nothing makes me take stock & refresh like an accusation of BRUD.

Stuck songs are mostly just wasteful -- mindviruses run amock. Amock, yet inert. Far worse is a thoughtcycle that takes hold of something important to you & then won't let go. Mental lockjaw. The sickness of one perspective, a single judgment dulling a whole area. "The brain stops here."

Reframing from multiple perspectives -- which feels like demanding continued novelty from each thoughtstream -- gives a fighting chance at finding the right tool for the job, the right perspective for a particular problem at a particular moment. "Problems cannot be solved at the level of awareness that created them."

Last night, I talked with a girl who's going through an extremely difficult breakup. At first, she kept wanting to take a clinically detached exterior perspective to tell her stories. She was really trying to explain her feelings without even mentioning them. Her mind ran around in close circles of defensiveness, spinning each gossipy physical detail in the same way as the last. Her close defensive circles locked her own truth out of the explicit dialogue, but emotional truth is not one of those who can ... easily hide. Her truth totally chose her directions & tones instead, grabbing whatever devices were left to it, completely respinning everything 'objective' she might have meant. Her emotional truth drowned every textually 'scientific' (exterior) sentence in its sea of screaming (interior) needs.

In the exterior world, the world of everyday objects, the world of measurement, there is only one reality. And our descriptive words stake claims over that one reality, over how that one unified picture really is. But we each have our own interior world -- the world under the skin, the world between the ears. We can talk honestly about those worlds without causing a turf war of perceptions. Moreover, the inside is what ultimately matters to humans. We can talk with the greatest clarity on the matters of most importance without ever stepping on to the battleground of exterior reality. How lucky we are!
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