Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

job in Boston...

Happy Back From The Dead Day, everyone!

May you always find the strength to push aside any big rocks blocking your path. Unto eternal life...

So, speaking of life & death, I've been offered a job in Boston that runs only two days -- April 11 & 12. I need to decide by about Tues whether to accept & fly out there the following week. I have immediate questions/concerns for you.

1) How concerned should I be about getting somehow stranded up there in the Northeast? This is partially a weather/climate question -- and partially a World Politics question.

2) How concerned should I be about dying in or around flight? This is a World Politics question.

Relevant facts: I do not follow U.S. or world news -- at all! I vaguely believe that something weird/dangerous is going on in World Politics only because jaffo and others have been sounding in text like something's happening. (I purposefully have merely skimmed even those in-passing mentions of the details. I like my news vacuum. I now want just barely enough info on World Politics 2002 to make my own very practical decisions.)

I crave your input.

Kevin? Michael? Kari? Armchair experts, I'd like your help!

3) If I do the trip, who would like to meet me there? I'm open to a lot of possibilities -- from intense personal conversations to your playing local culture tour guide! I'm thinking I'll stay for the weekend, but I'm not sure yet.

Hawver? Bill? Amanda? Anyone?

4) Who else should I consider contacting to meet while in Boston, even if I don't yet know of them and even if -- horror -- they don't livejournal?

Thank you for considering these pressing issues. Your responses very much matter!
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