Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

On Moulin Rouge addiction

The movie is designed to be seen several times, he says. "A woman came up to me at one recent screening and said, 'I've only seen it 20 times, but my sister has seen it 40 times,' " Baz Luhrmann says. "That worried even me."

Once a viewer sees the film more than a few times, however, it is no longer his creation, Luhrmann believes. "It's between them and the film. It gets much more personal as it goes on. It's like a prayer, almost."
I think I'm at 6 -- with 4 of those at 85% sound-only, in the background as inspiration for other tasks.

The people who have the toughest time with Rouge are those who love old-fashioned Hollywood musicals but know little about current Indian musicals, which influenced the film, says the director. He compares it to some classic-rock fans' reaction to rap.
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