Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

"The Tipping Blog"

How Weblogs Can Turn an Idea into an Epidemic:

But when an idea Tips online, it doesn't just happen faster than it does offline. Ideas hit their Tipping Points slightly differently online, as technology changes the very nature of tipping itself.

Perhaps the biggest change is the blurring of the distinction between Mavens and Connectors.

[Crossovers] are much more common online than offline. The reason is simple: offline Connectors have to be outgoing extroverts with lots of friends. But Online Connectors, on the other hand, don't have to be be extroverts at all. In fact - and this happens quite often online - Online Connectors are often quite shy and introverted Mavens.

Understanding how Link Mavens and Connectors work transformed my thoughts of how ideas spread. You can literally see the process take place online in a way that is virtually impossible in real life.

It's generally a five-step process:

An Expert (one might call her a Content Maven) Writes or Creates something interesting and puts it online (creating the critical component of any online ideavirus: the link)
A Link Maven comes across the link, and blogs it to their site
A Connector finds the link and blogs it to their site (or the aforementioned Link Maven has Connector-like traffic levels)
The link starts to Tip within the weblog community
The link Tips beyond the weblog community, as the rest of us find out about it
(oversimplified but good)
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