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self-motivation: writing

I haven't written here in a while simply because I've been wrestling with some other writing projects.

When "wrestling with" became the same as "putting off", I got frustrated. 15 minutes ago, I ripped open a new document and found the frenzy to speed-type these words:

Let's say you have a craving, a vision, a passion to share. You need to reach as many people as possible. To reach deeply into them, to meaningfully touch them.

Words are your key. Written or spoken, they're your ticket to hearts & minds. Words can be surgically precise & can reach almost everyone.

Daily writing is continual progress. Daily speech is performance art.

Writing is forever, perfectable, & totally sculptable. Writing is less gripping, less bandwidth than speech: Bare text lets the audience read more of their own stuff into it.

A good writer is seamlessly vague where he can be & is superclear everywhere else.

Great writing comes from good editing & from simple structures.

Sculpting words to reach thousands: What choice do you have?

To have an impact, to make fame & money, to be impacted by the greatest conversations: All this requires some great writing - and lots and lots of good writing.

So let's write! Write now.

I speed-edited it twice.
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