Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

the psychology of fruit: avocado confidence!

Eating an avocado earlier tonight, I got to thinking about a kind of positive attitude that's useful throughout nature. My thought came from the old, "If evolution had a goal, it would be..." line applied in an unusual way.

Fruit psychology: Fruits have seeds to spread themselves, to make copies. Tasty, healthy fruits have those giant meaty pulps they do in order to attract animals like us to help them spread those seeds.

If fruits complexly feel, what do they feel while they're growing those big fleshy parts? In a word: Confidence.

A crazy sort of faith that it somehow makes sense to become what they are, to actualize their fruity selves in bursts of unjustifiable growth. There's no way a fruit even suspects what it's gambling on with its wild fleshy growth -- that someone like you will come along & enjoy it & leave its seed in a useful place...

I suspect that there are some growth curves like this even for you. Like avocado, like animal!? Sometimes, the smartest/healthiest thing you can do is to adopt an outlook of biological confidence and just keep going as consistenltly as you can...
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