Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Andrew: (1:02 PM) i need a literature expert! when i rework another's essay without permission and publish my version, how should i cite it? "reworked," "draft," what?!
fars: (1:02 PM) palimpsest
Andrew: (1:05 PM) i was thinking earlier today of using the word "patois" on my site.
Andrew: (1:07 PM) btw, i'm now planning to go to the sifter party tonight. i'll be sure to bring a supersoaker for your surfer friend.
Andrew: (1:08 PM) where's stephen cox when i need him?
Andrew: (1:09 PM) new rule for blogging: "if you prospectively feel a need to consult a full professor of literature about your diction, you're doing it wrong. too high-brow."
fars: (1:09 PM) yeah, lower the bar to consulting with me or Per Malloch [sometime "ambitious young fanzine editor" seeking "to reduce discussion of metal music to a useful set of unified terms. Among his discoveries: open E-string riffing as a hallmark of the music's limited emotional range. On subsequent pages Per" would embark "on many lengthy, complicated, and humorous album reviews, adorned by tons of his way-out fantastickal and demonic drawings." -A]
Andrew: (1:10 PM) yes, even a need to consult farsam is usually going too far. it's only excusable when i know that i "know" something but simply can't access it right then.
Andrew: (1:10 PM) you and per together have a greater working vocabulary than canada.
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