Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Teased by "The Crush Mistress" on Gossip Day...

I just this morning got the following mail in my Inbox:


Someone has sent you a valentine!

To find out who click here:

With Love,
The Crush Mistress

Visiting the site because the HTML'ed mail looks so legit & it sparked a perverse curiosity (oh, like I need an excuse to investigate this matter!), I immediately learned that I would have to correctly guess who sent me the Crush in order for me to ever learn who it was.

I didn't bother. There are way too many people it could be -- both joking and, I hope, real...

If you sent it, please fess up! I love proactiveness.

Hell, if you have a crush on anyone, go ahead & let me know! Let's make today a very flexible holiday. If you're coupled or courting, it's Valentine's Day. If you're Single, then let's celebrate Gossip Day!
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