Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Grumpy Old Researcher

Short interview with James D. Watson, of DNA fame:

So what were your lives really like then?

Well, virtually everyone's emotional life was a mess. The marriages weren't working out, and you know, you fall in love with your supervisor's wife, and that doesn't work out. I mean there were a couple of stable ones, but for most of those we thought, "Oh, they're so boring."

Do you find you get bored easily?

Yes. I gave five lectures on the double helix, and I was bored. After about a month of listening to Francis Crick, none of us could stand it anymore. He'd start talking, and we'd want to leave the room. At 25, I was famous but bored. No one was inviting me to parties.


And your hypothesis is that sun and food make you happy?

Yes, and running and exercise.

You seem to like controversy. Do you try to be different?

I don't try to be different. I just say something and then, boom. And what I've said has generally been totally right.

Does it upset you when people go after you?

Yeah, for a while, for 24 hours. And then I think of something else. I figure that I have inserted enough things in my book that they can get mad at me for. But I'm not putting them in there to make people angry. I'm just supposed to like everything. I'm supposed to say, ''Gee, all religions are equally good.'' Well, I think that some are worse than others. So I shouldn't say that fat people are more content and that's why I want to hire thin, discontent people.

Have you always had such strong views?

I've had strong opinions probably since I was born. It makes you unpopular, but what can you do? (NYT, via Brandyn)
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