Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Our next huge cultural movement* is focusing on what to do AFTER each individual secures 20th-century success. You have great control of your sensory environs, respect in all your social environs+, and huge influence over your ready and willing significant other(s). What next? What matters to you after all your historical, childhood goals are more than achieved? To remain fully engaged and motivated, we need MORE legitimately new, adult, taste-driven goals in these times of econo-techno-bliss. Ten years from now, something like my "heightenedsenses" program might be just about all we talk about when it comes to active life philosophies.

"To view healthier concepts and values from the standpoint of the sick, and conversely to view the secret work of the instinct of decadence out of the abundance and self-confidence of a rich life: this has been my principal experience, what I have been longest trained in. If in anything at all, it was in this that I became a master. Today my hand is skillful; it has the knack of reversing perspectives: the first reason perhaps why a Transvaluation of all Values has been possible to me alone."

*(of which there have been only half a dozen or so in all human history)

+Imagine a rich social fabric within which so many separate dimensions matter that you're a beloved leader/guru/sherpa along several dimensions--and so is everyone you know. There is no uniquely ultimate basis for comparison between your social "worth" and another's, and most all of your relationships are devoid of social inequality. Twenty years ago, this might have sounded fairly absurd (and Marxist, to boot!). Now, it's merely descriptive of how many of us presently live. In my circles, for example, creativity matters; experience matters; wealth matters; friend connections matter; intelligence matters; honesty matters; physical fitness matters. Each individual weighs and ranks these factors differently, with the result that there are no clear orders among us--and usually with the result that everyone feels he's on "top" because he's acting in accord with his own weights and ranks!
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