Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

personal expression

this is one of the great caveats of angst: the "no one understands me" concept. no one understands because a person refuses to accept that in order to communicate, there must be some common meanings in the symbols we present to each other - verbally or otherwise. and this in no way destroys one's inviduality - even tho angst-folk seem to think so.

i present this: if someone dresses totally opposite of the fashion of the day, they are still letting fashion influence their actions. they are thus no better than if they simply followed fashion - they are not free thinkers, they are still affected by fashion. a true free thinker would take what's available, including what's in fashion and what isn't in fashion, and create something out of that for an occasion without prejudice to what others are or aren't wearing. and it may be exactly what someone else is wearing - that doesn't mean that person is necessarily a follower.

you cannot not express - this is one of the great truths i gathered from john douglas' FBI profiling books. even attempting to not express is an expression. and thus you cannot not be involved with fashion.

it is also similar to games in relationships - a person can opt not to play a game, but that's still a game (it just happens to be a very handicapped game and that person will most likely be unhappy... until they find a similar non-gaming game player). vyus
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