Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Why i am so wise!, why i am so wonderful!: i naturally take tremendous JOY in calculation. In life, most every problem or opportunity can be addressed either through some diligent application of known techniques or through abstracting brand new methods. i much prefer the act of writing new methods to solve whole classes of problems to actually spending any time solving a known problem in a known way.

For me, an amazing proportion of JOY comes from engaging with the abstract, this natural joy in calculation. The folk psychology view of cognition is that it needs a greater purpose, a sole justification, outside itself, that cognition is all about planning actions to get to values that you can viscerally enjoy like meals and sex. In my experience, the psychological joys beat the visceral ones nine times out of ten. i get off on what i'm predicting! Much of the time, i get my surrounding physical things in order and then i almost don't care about them. my primary purpose w/r/t physical things is to set myself up for the right cognition exposure, the right processing prospects.

"Lo then! I am the very reverse of a decadent."
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