Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Music reminds us who we are. In normal life, there are always important parts of Who I Am that are not seeing much use that week. Sometimes, I notice those parts starting to atrophy. Hauling them out into the bright light of awareness can be extremely emotionally gratifying, strengthening self-identity. Symbols like songs and subcultures are great anchors for that kind of hauling. When you're stuck in the world of Deliverance, try some rap or techno in the car to energize your city-self!

There's a cute flipside to this: I've lately noticed that I cannot listen to my favorite band right after a long conversation with any of my most cognitively intense friends. Yo La Tengo is just too much like another intense conversation right away--when I'm instead looking to decompress near contrast objects. Fave interview quote: "Of course it's self-indulgent." Fave lyric: "sometimes, it's just the little things . . . like you don't want to listen and i can't shut up."
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