Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Vanilla Sky

Wow. Wow.


Vanilla Sky!

It's a very futurist psychological thriller. With an overall feel that's offscale uplifting.

"Abre los ojos ... open your eyes!"

"The sour parts sweeten the sweet parts..."

"Tech support! Tech support!!"

The movie was especially delicious to me because I went in knowing all the plot twists. Not knowing all the twists, I could have wasted mental energy on false possibilities -- and not have been able to savor the film as much. And it's totally worth savoring. If you happen to be like me and want to do start deeply savoring on your first viewing, then keep reading. Otherwise, just go see the movie...


In the same sense that the sheer total giveaway of the Matrix is "The main
character is living in a computer simulation run by AIs, and once awakened
by the resistance he is able to gain control of the simulation", the sheer
total giveaway of "Open Your Eyes" is "The main character is in an
accident and has his face terribly disfigured until surgeons miraculously
repair it; it turns out, however, that he actually signed up for cryonics
after his accident, committed suicide, got cryonically frozen, was revived
150 years in the future, and is currently living out a fantasy dream in
which his face was repaired, but the dream has started to go wrong, and he
now needs to wake up." (Note that "Open Your Eyes" was a 1997 movie,
giving it priority over "The Matrix".) - Eliezer Yudkowsky
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