Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

"pattern-completion memory"

Under their skins, AI theorists are all alike in zealous isolation.

In its simplest form, Hawkins� hypothesis is that the brain works by anticipating and completing patterns more than it does through inputs and outputs of information.

It isn�t unusual for wealthy individuals to attempt to influence academia. But what is unusual is that Hawkins is pursuing his hypothesis with hands-on research. His is no passing fancy: Hawkins has flirted with brain research on and off for the past two decades...

Hawkins insists he isn�t abandoning Handspring and that he spends the bulk of his time at the company. But he hopes to complete his book and build a silicon machine modeled on pattern-completion memory. �I�m positive about the theory,� he says. �I�m more sure of this than anything else in my life.� (Palm inventor pushes theory of brain, msnbc)
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