Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Tony Robbins meeting Christopher Walken?

Last weekend, Farsam photocopied for me the best magazine article ever on the Tony Robbins phenomenon. It's called "Tony the Irony Slayer", by Andrew Corsello, GQ February 2000. (If you're at all a fan, it's worth writing that volume down for your next trip to a serious library. It is not online.)

Tony Robbins could not be further from Christopher Walken on the human spectrum. I wanted to write about Robbins (in February 2000) because �irony� seems to be on the tips of a lot of people�s brains these days (and for good reason), and it struck me one day when I came across one of his infomercials that Robbins represented a powerful force, a powerful counter-argument, against the rather corrosive brand of irony that�s been fashionable in popular culture for the last ten years or so. (Jed Purdy on �roids.) That, plus the simple fact that he seemed so weirdly magnetic, charismatic � a guy who was either bold enough or stupid enough to pose as a superheroic �force for good.�

As stories, the only similarity for me between Robbins and Walken was that my curiosity and admiration drove me to each: Robbins because he was exuberant, an inspirer; Walken because he was inward-seeming, a quiet craftsman. As personas, these guys could not be more different. If they ever met, which they surely won�t, they�d have absolutely nothing to say to one another. Nothing. (Robbins would probably find Walken fatalistic, irrational, drugged; Walken would probably find Robbins the cause of a migraine headache.)

As people, I�d say that despite the dramatic contrast of color and volume, they both have about them a feeling of first things � a hard-earned curiosity, honesty and even naivet�, in the way they approach people and things on their own terms, without assumptions, and without any need to prove themselves. (Ironminds praise piece for Andrew Corsello)
This totally reminds me of my one live encounter with (some of) hober's Boston childhood crew. *SMILE*
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