Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

big city yoga

Christy Turlington, supermodel and co-founder of a yoga-inspired beauty line, Sund�ri, and president of a yoga-inspired line of clothing, Nuala, which can be found at Scoop, L.A.'s Fred Segal, and what her press release calls "high-end yoga centers" like Jivamukti. She bats her beautiful gray-green eyes. "Modeling is a career I didn't feel so good about -- it wasn't something that I felt like I chose. And yoga has helped me to make sense of that -- helped me make sense of my life, really. It's a whole new lifestyle."

It was about two years ago that I came to accept yoga as my personal savior. I got hooked on Jivamukti almost immediately. This was a separate world from the competitive and driven adult one to which I had become accustomed, a lavender-painted oasis for the 13-year-old in me who just wanted to sing and do gymnastics. Plus, Jivamukti was populated by that species of hard-bodied girl you find stalking around downtown in high-tech sneakers, earphones clamped on, tank top rising to show off a pierced belly button and the curlicue of an OM tattoo on the small of her back. That was a self I wanted to connect with.

"Going around India with a begging bowl is the easy way out," he said. "It's an excuse for not doing anything with your life, and that's not my style." Mr. Hedge Fund's style has more to do with winning. "Companies are short, management's trying to defraud us, and I'm like Rambo in the office, headset on, three computers in front of me, mowing them all down," he told me proudly. "Yoga is all about focus and perfect aim."

We left it at that and sat for the meal. The host raised his glass. "To my wife," he said, beaming happily at the young, beautiful blonde he'd recently wed. "She is so damn hot."

"To my husband," his wife responded, with a sly grin. "He is so damn wealthy." (current New York Metro)
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