Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

The Self-Sampling Assumption

Wandering around Pacific Beach talking with hober last night, I learned the coolest phrase: "the self-sampling assumption". He couldn't give me a source for it offhand, but a search this morning reveals a gold mine.

Turns out that Nick Bostrom, a Yale philosopher often seen on the Extro mailing list, wrote the book on it. Literally. It will be published next year.

BUT, you get to read the heart of it before then. First five chapters online now.

Against my better task list for the day, I found I'd devoured the first chapter this hour. So far, it's absolutely fantastic. A 9+/10 both in style and in content.

Half the reason I'm blogging this right now is to convince myself to wait until Sunday to read the rest. Done!
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