Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

I drove home unexpectedly early from an engagement in LA last night and decided to stop and enjoy this spectacular outdoor mall in Irvine. At that time and mood, the entertainment center's sheer activity level was way too fast for my optimal comfort--people moving swiftly and rather thoughtlessly through their environs. Speed with a purpose is good. Speed instead of a purpose, on the other hand . . . Solace-seeking, I wandered through the center's art gallery (where they sell framed posters and other stuff on the walls). Still paintings and photos served perfectly to match my cognitive pace and tendency right then, to let me control the rate of perceptual input and focus instead on the more abstract places where I gravitate. The best photos I saw were of lighthouses and lighthouse keepers withstanding gigantic, crashing, beautifully powerful waves (no site available). The worst paintings cluelessly belittled political "freedom" to an almost incredible extent, by making "freedom of speech" look silly and then wrapping it up and tossing it under the Christmas tree beside one inessential freedom and two false freedoms: More evil than Satan. The saddest aspect of these ludicrous paintings may be that the U.S. government used them as posters to convey what was "worth fighting for" in their WWII propaganda canvasing.
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