Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Locke's Gonzo Marketing, published Oct 2001

That's Christopher Locke, not the old two treatises guy...

Though this is CL's second big book splash. His first was The Cluetrain Manifesto!

Favorite new words:

Today we need anthems more than analysis. We need to tell new and deeper, larger stories. Stories about ourselves -- the kind of creatures who invent them, and why their creation is so important. Stories about why we can�t afford to lose such a precious human legacy in a din of charlatanism and slobbering artless venality. The promise of the net is the promise of humanity coming together, seeing itself for the first time, as we saw ourselves from the moon more than three decades ago, saw the breathtaking blue planet spinning out there. Out here. This time it�s much more intimate. Maybe we can�t see the faces yet, but we can read the words and begin to sense the lives behind them.

Gonzo marketing has attitude to spare, but it�s not the attitude of the poseur. Gonzo is not a style that can be faked. Sophistry is not an option. Instead, what is emerging from the huge new mindspace the Internet has opened up is a new breed of professionals- turned-dilettantes -- who work for delight more than dollars and value the work itself above company or client. These creative Ronin first ply their marketing skills by representing the things they passionately care about. Their websites are their resumes, attracting precisely the sorts of people they want to -- and are willing to -- work with. A company doesn�t hire such people, it woos them. It doesn�t control them -- it finds the best possible fit, then takes the trip. (Locke's collection of awesome excerpts)
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