Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

agitating for growth: pushing the boundaries of academic freedom?

Story: A charismatic professor enchants a horde of faithful. "O Captain, My Captain!" This professor happens to teach in a neglected, unpopular social science department.

The professor's faithful want to actually major in his discipline. But it doesn't support a major; it's a weird department that's been on its way out of the college for years.

The faithful rally for change. The professor gets fired.

Perspective: This article sparked my interest because -- oddly enough -- I knew another terrific, charismatic Geography professor at UH back in 1993. Mine died a couple years ago.

It's interesting how often a single great professor inspires students to settle on a major. Even a confusing, dying degree like Geography can be made to look inviting. It's all about the local context!
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