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Library over Auditorium

Tonight, I'd intended to be at a film event on campus. Changed my mind once I got there.

Explored the library instead. Stalked potentially intense books in the manner of a vicious predator. Took down, tore into & devoured Doomed Bourgeouise In Love. Delicious, filling & I do believe healthy. A+ We should all remember to go so spontaneously spelunking for books that push us.

Relatedly, I much appreciate The Shape Of Things -- currently in theaters. { Though I do prefer the dialogue/repartee in his (Neil LaBute's) other two undeniably great auteurships: Your Friends & Neighbors (1998) & In the Company of Men (1997). [I still need to see Possession (2002), though.] }

Sitting at the front of the theater before it started, looking over the 12 other filmgoers scattered in the 20+ aisles behind me, I felt myself suddenly standing, turning, and firing related trivia questions their way: "Ready! Which of you can name the 3 Wes Anderson films? The 3 Whit Stillman? The 3 Noah Baumbach?..."

(I would have actually done it, too, had the 12 looked just a little more lively/open to such 'insanity'!)
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