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Adventures Near The Church Of Satan

Last week, I explored a car dealership & was engaged by a salesman with a very good subtle style. Later that day, I was journaling along about some anthropological observation or other -- and I happened to note him down as an example, judging him "a nuanced & growth-oriented person."

That made me think to send him a nice follow-up personal e-mail (I've been consciously going out of my way to do that sort of thing lately; unusual acts of grace to make myself enjoy more surprised grateful reactions in society), and we got to sending some life philosophy snapshots back & forth.

I could tell he was philosophically weird in a rather good -- meaning me ;) -- way, but I couldn't quite say how. He seemed kinda New Agey (this is California!) but more purposefully driven than most; much like a thriving yoga instructor.

Well. This morning I got a surprising admission: He is on a formal spiritual path, advancing along in the Temple of Set. Satanism, that is!

Now, I do encourage you to click on that particular link. It's excellent philosophy: self-help individualist egoism, harnessing peak experiences, & using dramatic rituals to cast off useless social conditioning.

The Temple's high priest writer reminds me of Penn Jillette. An Austin newspaper did a great interview of him about his science fiction (slipstream) stories: "Have you written pornography? Yeah. The story of mine that seems most popular is called Horsing Around, about cybersex with a zebra."

Is Satanism basically Post-Objectivism in pagan clothing? Seems to be. With a distinctly tantric -- and often D/s -- flavor, very interestingly. And, with almost twice as many proud fans here on LJ!

Maybe I should get some black robes...!

I find myself wishing jaffo could meet the dashing mild-mannered Satanist of BMW of North America, LLC.

In other news, only a step or two away from Satanism as I benevolently interpret it, my grandmother's church now has a nice online presence! She ("KBW") founded this church&movement about 40 years ago, and made some attractive pre-Visio charts of consciousness to organize & promote her philosophy. There were maybe 150 worldwide practitioners of her teachings -- and thousands more whose lives had been touched -- when she died in 2000. I cannot recommend the textual content -- never her strong suit -- but I'm cheered that they're keeping her legacy so vibrantly alive.

Finally, like Joshua & friends, I've been thinking about aging & I plan to comment there soon.
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